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So you're thinking about taking the plunge into online dating. You're not alone. There are three big reasons why so many people are turning to online dating to find interesting, fun, romantic relationships.

  1. Save time - Who has the time to go out and try to meet people? We're all so busy with work, family, home responsibilities. makes it easy to instantly browse and meet available singles 24/7.

  2. Expand your possibilities – You know there must be someone out there for you, but how do you find him or her? You already know everyone in your immediate social circle – but how do you meet people outside that circle? introduces you to fabulous people you might not ever come in contact with otherwise.

  3. Evaluate prospects before you meet them – lets you find out about people before you actually meet in person. You can easily eliminate prospects who aren't right for you, and find people who meet your specific criteria. It takes the guesswork out of "But is he/she right for me?"

Sure, you can sit there and hope the right person just comes along and finds you – but has that approach worked for you so far? If not, join the millions of people who are having a blast meeting, dating, and falling in love on

Worried about what people will think if you try online dating? Don't. Online dating has become, well, cool. Everyone is getting in on it, from young people to old people.

So don't hesitate, join in the fun!

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