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Help with using Innovative search

Using our innovative Search will help you find lots of new people on our website. We provide several types of search to maximize your dating opportunities by finding the right person.

“Online Now” search

You can view a list showing only members who are currently online. The “Online Now” search is also available from the home page. Profiles are shown according to gender.

“New members” search

With the help of the "New Members" search, you can search for members who have recently registered with the website.

Postcode search

Our postcode search is easy and effective. Go to the "Search" section, then select "Postcode search" and enter your chosen postcode after selecting the category from the dropdown list on the left. You can also start entering first two or three digits of the postcode and see suggestions to choose from.

Make sure you have added your own postcode to your profile. This is never displayed to anyone, but is used to 'power' our location tool. Then, when searching, you will be able to look for people who live within 20, 50 or 100 miles of you.