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Help with using Safe mode

Safe Mode gives you control over which members can contact you.

There are three types of Safe mode:

  • Safe Mode Off - any member can contact you, including unverified members.
  • Safe Mode Basic - you won't get messages or chat invites from members who have been flagged as suspicious by our site safety team. They will also be removed from your search results.
  • Safe Mode Full (for paid members only) allows only verified members who have received a “Verified Member” badge to contact you. Members with the “Verified Member” badge can be easily spotted in search results.

Bear in mind:

  • You will continue to receive messages from members you have previously contacted. Safe Mode settings will not change this. Please use the Block feature to prevent individual members from contacting you.
  • Turning Safe Mode off will not allow you to see blocked messages that were sent to you when Safe Mode was active.

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